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Welcome to Tix Ninja's Refund Policy. Your trust is paramount, and we are committed to maintaining transparency regarding refunds.

Refund Eligibility:

Tix Ninja is a ticketing platform, and thus, we do not directly handle refunds for events. The responsibility for event cancellations, changes, or customer refund requests lies with the event organizer.

Processing Refunds:

  • Should an event organizer decide to issue a refund through Tix Ninja, the refund will be processed minus the payment gateway fees. There are no additional charges from Tix Ninja for this service.
  • Refunds are typically credited back to the original mode of payment, unless specified otherwise.

Timeframe for Refunds:

The processing time for refunds can vary based on the payment method and the policies of the associated banks or providers.


If you believe that a refund is warranted and the event organizer is not responsive, please reach out to us. While the final decision lies with the organizer, we will do our best to mediate the situation.

By using Tix Ninja's services, clients agree to be bound by these Refund Policy and any modifications made to them. If clients have any questions or concerns about these Refund Policy, they are encouraged to contact Tix Ninja via the form below or email [email protected].


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