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This Services Agreement outlines the terms and conditions governing the provision of services by Tix Ninja to event organizers and clients.

Scope of Services:

Tix Ninja provides an independent ticketing platform that enables event organizers to sell tickets for their events. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Ticket sales platform.
  • Mobile applications for events and ticket verification.
  • Analytics and statistics on ticket sales.

Fees and Payments:

Event organizers agree to pay Tix Ninja a commission based on the ticket fees. The percentage is agreed upon at the time of event registration and is exclusive of any taxes or VAT, which remain the responsibility of the event organizer.

Registration and Support:

  • The organizer is responsible for all content, including event images, details, artist lineup, and other event-specific information.
  • The organizer will provide a dedicated contact for Tix Ninja and an alternate contact for emergency purposes.

Refund Management

While Tix Ninja doesn't provide refunds directly, the platform will facilitate the process if the organizer wishes to refund any ticket fee, after deduction of the payment gateway fee. Please read our Refund Policy for more details.

Data Privacy and Security

The organizer agrees that attendee's data, including name, email, and contact number, will be shared with them for event verification purposes. The misuse of this data by the organizer will lead to penalties. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.


Either party can terminate the agreement with a written notice of [specific days, e.g., 30 days]. In case of any breach of terms by the organizer, Tix Ninja reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate services without prior notice.


Tix Ninja is not liable for any damages, losses, or issues arising from the event. Our responsibility is confined to ticketing services.

Changes to Agreement:

Tix Ninja may periodically update this agreement. Organizers are encouraged to review the agreement from time to time.

Governing Law:

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Bangladesh. Any disputes arising out of this agreement shall be resolved in the courts of Bangladesh.

For any clarifications or questions related to this Services Agreement, please contact Tix Ninja via the form below or email [email protected].


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